Ballhalla 3.3

Ballhalla is a great puzzle game with different puzzle styles in one game (See all)

Ballhalla is a great puzzle game, developed by ZC Funcraft, that introduces a combination of different puzzle styles in one game. With an appealing storyline, charming characters and lots of levels and power-ups, Ballhalla is game that will keep you playing for hours.
Professor Quark has designed a machine called the Insta- Matter Transporter which can lead to new dimensions. In one of his experiments, his assistant robot Proto and his cat Widget were accidentally sent there, and to bring them back, he will need to create energy.
To collect energy, you have to click on a ball that is enclosed by balls of different color and absorb them. Once you do this, the ball is given a number, and the higher the number, the more energy you will collect. The level is overcome once the energy bar is full.
With each level you complete, you receive different pieces of a jigsaw that when solved will reveal Widget and Proto location.
Level after level, you will find new challenges to overcome, like the tilt of the container, and also plenty of bonus items, power-ups, and trophies which add the game great variation and excitement.
There are three game modes, Adventures, Time, and Relax mode that is unlocked once level 7 has been completed.
The 3D graphics are absolutely gorgeous, with lots of bright colors, great animations, and the addition of lively music along the game. It is really fun and engaging. Puzzle fans should definitely try Ballhalla.

Mariel Rearte
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